2020 EAM Innovation Series


A webinar series fully dedicated to sharing expert knowledge on asset management topics and innovation, panel discussions with industry leaders, success stories from project implementations, demos of new and exciting solutions and well as the opportunity to ask questions about issues that are most relevant to you right now

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Thursday May 21, 2020, 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOSTS: John Dwyer, Solution Architect, Rizing EAM; 

David Harrison, Director, Business Development, Rizing EAM

Digitisation is the new landscape in which we work. Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, the Internet of Things, Dashboards and Mobility, to name a few, are all here now, adding value and making our businesses, faster, leaner and more efficient. But, this new digital landscape is built on of our existing business practices, processes, systems and data.

Back to the basics on Enterprise Asset Management

Thursday May 28, 2020 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOST: Matthew Easlea Chief Strategy Officer - Supply Chain Networks, SAP; Jon Wilson, Global Centre of Excellence, SAP Digital Supply Chain

Get the latest information on SAP’s strategy and roadmap, across the complete SAP Intelligent Asset Management suite. Specifically, we will cover updates for S/4HANA (Sep 2019 release), Asset Intelligence Network (May 2020 release), Asset Strategy & Performance Management (May 2020 release), Predictive Maintenance & Service (May 2020 release), Predictive Engineering Insights (May 2020 release) and Asset Manager (May 2020 release).

What’s new in SAP Intelligent Asset Management?

Thursday JUNE 4, 2020 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOSTS: Jon Wilson, Global Centre of Excellence, SAP Digital Supply Chain, Jonathan Marvin, Product Owner, Rizing EAM

Historically asset-intensive industries have focused on efficient operations and cost reduction. With the focus shifting to getting more value from assets, now is the time to start Digital Transformation within Asset Management and leverage these new technologies to make assets a critical contributor to company growth and profitability. This session will describe how best to start your journey

Getting started with SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Thursday June 11, 2020 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOSTS: Craig Anderson, SVP Business Development, Rizing; Siew Wei Goh, Manager Geospatial Services, Rizing

This presentation will describe and demonstrate the integration between Esri and SAP utilizing Rizing integration and analytical Geospatial tools. It will showcase adding assets and attributes in a GIS environment, moving those assets into SAP where notifications and work are assigned, and then sharing that data back to the GIS so that it can be combined with asset inventory data for visualization and reporting.

SAP/Esri Integration – Maximizing the Benefits of Asset and Geospatial Data

Thursday June 18, 2020 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOSTS: Jon Wilson, Global Centre of Excellence, SAP Digital Supply Chain; Uday Bonu, Senior Industry Principal, Public Sector and Higher Education, SAP 

Projects are continuing to increase in complexity, as there is mounting pressure to design and construct more efficient and sustainable roads, buildings, and so on. Engineering, construction, and operations is at an inflection point where digitalization will fundamentally change the business models, construction methods.

From Construction to Operations – A Networked Approach to the Digital Twin

Thursday, June 25, 2020 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOST: Marty Ravell, Solution Architect, Mobility & UX, Rizing EAM; Jon Wilson, Global Centre of Excellence, SAP Digital Supply Chain 

EAM Mobile applications are numerous in the market. Which one do you use? Which one should you choose? Will it meet your requirements? Is it compatible or supportable as technology changes? In this session we will focus on Asset Manager which is SAP's latest generation mobility platform for Enterprise Asset Management.

Taking Mobile Work Management to the Next Level

Thursday July 2, 2020 12:00PM SGT 2:00PM AEST

HOSTS: Aksel Tuna, Solution Architect, Rizing EAM; Ron Atilano, Principal Consultant, Rizing EAM

How good is your Asset Management Strategy? How well do you manage your assets to identify assets at risk and their subsequent renewal and rectification practices? This session we will be walking through the overall SAP solution on how to manage the lifecycle of your strategic assets. The processes described will touch on IAM, core SAP process solutions and Rizing’s APM (Asset Planning and Maintenance) tool.

Integrated Resource Planning and Budgeting for Programs, Projects and Work Orders


John Dwyer

Solution Architect, EAM, Rizing

David Harrison

Director, Business Development, Rizing

Chief Strategy Officer – Supply Chain Networks, SAP

Matthew Easlea

Jon Wilson

Global Centre of Excellence, 

SAP Digital Supply Chain

Jonathan Marvin

Product Owner, EAM, Rizing

SVP, Business Development

& Emerging Business, Rizing

Craig Anderson

Manager, Geospatial Services, Rizing

Siew Wei Goh

Senior Industry Principal, Public Sector and Higher Education, SAP

Uday Bonu

Solution Architect, Mobility & UX, Rizing

Marty Ravell

Director, EAM Business 

Development for ANZ, Rizing

Martin Greaves

Principle Consultant, EAM, Rizing

Ron Atilano

Solution Architect, EAM, Rizing

Aksel Tuna


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